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25.11.2019 07:42
Looking at the blue Antworten

Looking at the blue sky of hope, I, once again, raised my head. This morning, I walked into the examination room with high emotions and walked out of the examination room with a low mood. The pressure has dropped to zero and the heart has reached its limit. The sun shines through the gaps, and there is no better life Marlboro Gold. I walked my head down and didn't know how to face their expectations. A few days ago Marlboro Cigarettes, I signed up for the calligraphy specialty of Hengzhong. I just happened to know that I was not fully prepared. When I bought the tools, I went straight to the examination room. I didn��t regret it when I wanted to fail, but my heart was like something missing. Obviously I don't know the result, but it seems that I have already expected the result - that is, failure. Going out of the examination room with a low head, I saw my mother's face as soon as I went out, no happiness, no sorrow, and some were just a touch of light. We walked side by side in the direction of the car. No words all the way. But it made me a little uncomfortable. "Mom, no hope." I took the lead to break the silence. She stopped and I stopped. I looked down and looked at how embarrassed my hands and feet were. "Look at me." I heard a voice, "Look at me. Look up." I dare not, I am afraid to see the blame and disappointment in her eyes. I suddenly felt her close. She leaned her chin on my forehead. She opened her arms and hugged me. "Hold your head, child, the sun shines on the face. The sky is blue Wholesale Cigarettes, there is no cloud, it is beautiful." After that, she let me go, stepping back, I am I started to look up and saw if the sky was like the mother she said. She never lied to me. The sky is really beautiful, the faint blue, floating in my heart. "The sky is so big, it must be able to accommodate all your pain and grievances." "I hope that it will never be ruined. The benchmark of the times stands on this noisy work site, thinking of the already bleak sky. Big mouth, black teeth moving up and down, seems to be saying what cursing words. The cars passing by are constantly flowing, but no one opens the window. Because there are no flowers, no birds, only the constant gray. Every car They are all flying, it seems to want to get rid of the trailing black smoke, but I still have fun with a lucky attitude, I have long heard the difficulty of learning the physical electricity of my brothers and sisters
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