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Is very quick, appeared five huge parachutes in the sky of utter darkness, these parachutes took of be the Yan flies of greatly kill a machine-Wen Ya to play.Theses pressed to play to give out light with parachute not, basically wasn't discovered in the night sky of utter darkness.The rice soldier survivor of sea surface hasn't yet recovered from a fright, is struggling to beg to living, completely didn't realize that the Azrael will soon come.
Wen Ya, who takes parachute, plays sea-level 200 meterses of landings to distances of time, Wen Ya plays the special device starts of inside and start the massive explosion of having.Explosion didn't result in for for the first time what influence, it just plays Wen Ya inside of synthesizing of the aluminum, Peng, Huo, titanium, magnesium and Gao etc. material and solid strong oxidizing agent the powder in a twinkling spread to square circle space in 500 meters scope inside, these small material and the oxygen in the air carry on a full mixture.Then Wen Ya play occurrence the second time explode, for the second time in explosion, before spread to material beginning and oxygen of air to have violent explosion and combustion.
In the night sky of utter darkness, suddenly appear five than the sun even dazzling huge fireball, their ray of lights illuminated the whole slice of waters.Just for an instant, massively explode output heat and impact wave to spread to the whole sea surface.These, resulted in to kill to harm dint hugely to the rice non-commissioned officer soldier of sea surface luckily survive, a great deal of rice non-commissioned officer the soldier be killed by them.
The some experienced rice non-commissioned officers soldier discovered in advance it's far from good, they sneaked in deep sea right away under, once hid the first heat and impact wave for striking.But Wen Ya plays of explosion not only only produce heat and impact wave, it can also consume the oxygen in the air through a combustion and let to explode a person in the district to suffocate but die, and this asphyxiation continuously time is still very long.When these rices soldier that by luck didn't die food for powder finally cannots help but floating the last sea surface, just discover sea surface up not only didn't breathe need of oxygen, it even has already become negative to press.At under the dual molestation like this, these rices non-commissioned officer soldiers who once escaped a to rob suffer to endure long hardship, arrived an end or is played by Wen Ya atmospheres change resulting in to kill.
This before attackstoning, the Yan flew to make use of to lend support to a Zhi brain to once do to imitate to push to play, knew how with minimum of depletion to exchange to biggestly kill to harm dint.So he would choose the different directions throws down Wen Ya to play, theses press to play of killing and harming the scope at the right moment cover with the whole slice of waters.And fact also proof assistance Zhi brain of the emulation push to play very accurate, just five Wen Ya play, sea surface up closely jump into sea to flee for life all kill.
However the Yan flies also and doesn't dare with the light heart, he starts quantum radar to carry on a careful scanning to this waters, willing ensure can't appear escape from punishment.To know absolute being class that the superior is very severe they even can sneak in a surface under up 100 meters are deep, once the Yan flies negligence, it lets these absolute being class the superior escape, hereafter want to meet again thus the beneficial situation is basically impossible.But on the land, the Yan flies to want to kill absolute being class superior thousand difficult extremely difficult.
Under the scanning of quantum radar, the Yan flies accurate controled this waters is from sea surface to all circumstances of 200 meters deep place.Then the Yan flew and then really discovered the rice non-commissioned officer that more than tens by luck didn't die soldier, however pour under the sea surface is don't discover the survivor's existence.Be in the light of the principle for uprooting, the Yan flies to drive unmanned machine to divide time to fly over there, throws down a few common bombs in these survivor's skies and kills all of them.
From that time on, the sail mother of Bush of this waters fights a group of sea surface fleets the whole army have been already replied to put out, having no anyone can flee for life.The Yan flies to combine indetermination Tang Seng and wild beast definitely at be exterminated of person in, because of at attack of time he didn't discover fierce person's existence.But want ~only these absolute being class superior really at sail mother combat up, so they in no way manage luckily, affirmation be flown by the Yan to all exterminate.
In 100 utter darkness the skies out of the kilometer, the two ef fa-18s of rice countries big wasp fighter jet is in flurry fleeing elsewhere.They before because the rice country satellite disappears of the reason have already been fond of a sail, can not return in the aircraft carrier Bush.But ocean in distance up continuously of occurrence fieriness after exploding, especially Bush aircraft carrier ammunition the Xun explode after output of ascend thousand meters flame, finally let the direction that these two warships carried machine to find out to return.
But wait until them to close to this waters, their machines carry radar and discover right away that already the sail mother's combatses of his/her own house whole army reply to put out.These two warships carried machine to really don't know take place what circumstance, but they realize danger right away.Hence quickly escape here, even if the fuel of their fighter jet has been not enough, they don't dare as well foolish here.
However these two rice warships carried machine don't can completely escape, because they early be targeted by the unmanned machine quantum radar, the Yan flies the sail mother's combatses that a solution finishes sea surface aquatic vessel, carry machine to launch an attack to these two alone warships.
Two air-to-air missiles ai-120s made track for to come up from the rear by the quickest speed and ignored how big wasp fighter jet of two ef fa-18s is mobile, how release a bait to play, can not get away from these two air-to-air missiles ai-120s.Seeing really can not get away from these 2 to strike guided missile, two ef fa-18s airplane pilot of the big wasp fighter jet can choose to play to shoot to bail out.Waited until them to just be played to shoot the sky, even the parachutes didn't open of time, the fighter jet that they originally drive was ruined by the air-to-air missile ai-120 shot.
Two sparks shine in glory in the sky bottom, the airplane pilot takes parachute to land in the sea surface of utter darkness and helplessly waits for rescuing of rear.They ten thousand ten thousand what to have never thought BE, they are incredibly the only a few combat personnels who flee for life in several Bush aircraft carrier combats 1000 people, lucky must not ability again Be getting more lucky ……
The Yan flies with solved two schemes escape of fly after, have no affair of taking care of the sea surface again.Sees unmanned machine 1 get down and re- get into sea surface under, cut over bottom of sea to go in secret mode.But along with the unmanned machine shape occurrence variety, the lately- appeared fish blast-off appeared an ag-129 of torpedo version concealed body cruise missile in the tube.
Under the scanning of quantum radar, the Yan flies to have already targeted sea surface to descend those four Los Angeles class attack pits submarine, he will will these four attacks check the submarine polish off together.Attackstone Bush before Yan flies sail mother sea surface fleet of time, huge voice ring already drive under the sea surface of Los Angeles class attack pit the submarine discover.After waiting until the condition that they up float to make to clearly face, discover that the whole sea surface vessel that the sail mother fights cluster has already been all destroyed, is the survivor of sea surface whole army to also reply to put out.
These submarines originally want the fleet to the sea surface to carry on a military support, but what they have never thought is, the attack speed that hasn't known an enemy is really too quick, they haven't produced result sea surface top occurrence of the war have already been getting aller is over.Hence these four Los Angeles class attack pit the submarine living a far from good felling for the heart and sink under their acceleration, will with lend own diving ability to escape here.
After the unmanned machine that the Yan flies divides time into bottom of sea to go in secret mode, its headway speed comes to a terror of 250 kilometer hour.So even if those four Los Angeles class attack pit submarines realize far from good empress facing four different directions quickly escape, they can not also escape the attack that the unmanned machine divides time.Unmanned machine's dividing time is a shot first to ruin a direction up escape of pit submarine, then make track for toward other directions.After going back and forth like this several times, is very easy four Los Angeles class attack pit submarine all shots ruin, while oneself didn't suffer from any injury.
Since have already sunk all rice soldier battleship shots of this waters, the Yan flies to also no longer have reservation, he close to bottom of sea bubble neighborhood, the conveyance submarine of that specialized carrying rice soldier's member also thoroughly the shot sink.However fly to want to get into a bottom of sea bubble in the Yan, the rice non-commissioned officer of the bottom of sea square soldier also all shots kill of time, a huge growl is appeared through bubble in the bottom of sea square bottom of sea, then appear in the unmanned machine to divide time through the conduction of sea water of machine body up, let the unmanned machine divide time to vibrate repeatedly.

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