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01.09.2020 04:43
the unmanned machine Antworten

The science and technology content that the unfortunately unmanned machine divides time is very high, completely invisible in front of radar.Even if again the radar of big power scans, also detection not the unmanned machine divide time.Now the sky one utter darkness, plus unmanned machine to divide time have been being placed in 25000 meters high empty, though unmanned machine already underneath of the naval base circumstance understand clear, but underneath of naval base but basically didn't discover that the unmanned machine divides time of of existence.
Under the scanning of quantum radar, all circumstances in the underneath port appear the brain that flies in the Yan in.Is the headquarters of the rice country fleet in Atlantic here, fleet in Atlantic is the fleet of the rice army fact the strongest dint, but fleet in Atlantic is greatly really too responsible for district, most of aircraft carriers combats all carry out military mission in littoral in Atlantic, so here the Bush sail mother fights cluster, besides which, there are no other aircraft carrier combatses touch and go.
After the sail mother of Bush went out to carry on a military to cruise a task, huge naval base inside just anchored other warship ships such as more than ten guided missile cruisers, missile cruiser and supply ship etc..
The Yan flies and originally still wants and discovers main battleship of more rice soldiers in the Norfolk naval base, then a brain are main these rice soldiers to battleship all shots to sink, significantly weaken navy's real strenght of rice soldier and ensure the safety of dreamlike island.The regrettable promise is big of the naval base inside only have big fish fingerling 23, he didn't meet in great quantities gathering of the rice soldier forecastle.Yan's flying isn't low-spirited either, as long as canning keep on continuous shot to sink rice soldier battleship and accumulate over a long period down, equally can bring huge loss to country's navy of rice.
The Yan flies a current surplus bombload of unmanned machine only 18 tons, the Yan flies etc. under still want the rice is local six fly, for the sake of own safe consideration, he this to the attack of navy's naval base combine prohibit to fully use unmanned machine from take of high-tech ammunition, but decide to use the common ammunition in the in general use space.
From dreamlike at the time that island set out, the Yan flew will in great quantities from small scaled production car the production come out of the common ammunition accepted into in general use space.He after originally preparing a door at the bottom of sea light meets dangerous of time use these ammunitions, but have never thought at light door after of in the small space incredibly beat not inauguration use space, so these common ammunitions wasn't used to go out.Just exterminating a mother of sail of sea surface to fight the luckily survive rice of cluster soldier is the first-time use of these common ammunitions.
And the attack rice country Norfolk navy's military base, the Yan flies to also prepare to use these common ammunitions.Because the in general use space huge hoard measures, match can not the unmanned machine being probed divide time, once the Yan flies to choose these common ammunitions under the high airdrop, the unmanned machine divides time and then is tantamount to a bomber with matchless huge bombload, the Yan flies to make use of this bomber to complete a bombing task will easy to accomplish.
These ammunitions are released from the in general use space, from the sky but decline, take huge kinetic energy to fallen off in the ground, result in of kill unmanned machine ammunition that harm the slightest unlike Yan of dint's fly bad.The only weakness be, these common ammunition shot in the in general use space after killing the target can not let the unmanned machine divide time to acquire an eminent contribution point.
The Yan flies to want to keep on with the war of rice country still very long a period of time, he also not and urgently obtains more eminent contributions in this time.The Yan flies to believe before this war ends, his unmanned machine divides time to definitely acquire a more than 1,000,000 eminent contribution point and satisfy the unmanned machine gets stripe of first condition.
Underneath of the naval base data appear in the middle of lending support to a Zhi brain, the assistance Zhi brain carried on to wait a proportion model to the naval base, then combined the nether geography and constructed the wind velocity, temperature, humidity and salt of circumstance, air degree variety etc. circumstance, drew up a best attack project.The Yan flies as long as carry out according to the attack project of the assistance Zhi brain, can obtain the biggest results in battle.
The Yan flies to deeply take a suck at spirit, operates unmanned machine to get down swoop and soon arrived at Gao Kong who be apart from 3,000 meters in the ground place.
The rice country practiced strict blackout for the sake of the safety of protection naval base, the radar that carried on big power at the same time probed.However even if unmanned flight in 3000 meters high empty, the radar of rice soldier didn't also discover the existence of unmanned machine, the nature can't carried on an attack to the unmanned machine, either.
Under the control that Yan flies, the unmanned machine carries of the space passage suddenly open, a bomb with huge body figure suddenly appears, and the facing below and quickly fallen off.
This bomb doesn't have invisible ability, once it appear, right away be probed into by the radar of rice soldier, then the whole military base rang out an irritating to the ear alert voice.Unmanned machine after throwing down the first bomb flew off original position, it part fly, part quickly according to assistance Zhi brain of the attack plan throw down homologous bomb.Just for an instant, full is a huge big body figure power bomb in the sky.Under the function of gravity, these giant bombs descend of speed more and more quick, then malicious shoot the target for taking aim at.
The Yan flies for promising that oneself owns to hugely kill to harm dint, especially the idea makes use of a small scaled production car a lot of gave birth to big power bomb.The body figure of these bombs is huge, weight all more than 10 tons, may compare the power biggest normal regulations bomb of rice soldier material"the mother of bomb".Isn't only this, these explosive composition in the bomb after Yang Qi's laboratory of further excellent turn, their kill to harm dint Be getting stronger, a kill to harm dint in "female bomb" of 4 times above.
Lending support to the Zhi brain has already carried on a calculation to the wind velocity, temperature, humidity and salt degree of underneath, so even if these bomb from 3000 meters high empty fallen off, actually to shoot the time of target the error margin didn't be more than two meters.
Then see the first giant bomb shoot a target, violent of the explosion suddenly take place and wildly play body fragment and terrible impact wave facing all directions proliferation, then form a huge fire red mushroom cloud in the sky.
Yan's flying the attack target of this bomb is the big power radar of the rice soldier base, this radar base is count for much to naval base, so the rice soldier also calls to its protection the top defend severe, various antiair weapons are much like ox hair.But the Yan flies of the attack come very suddenly, from discover that the bomb shoots a target to the bomb and only has no longer than 30 time.The rice soldier root is too late so doing an effective reaction in short time, this radar station was ruined by the wild bomb shot.
Can not say that the military base defense of rice country does very badly, contrary their defense does very good enoughly.To know that the common airplane basically can not close to a rice soldier a base and throw down so many bombs, because the rice soldier in multiple layers defendoofs, the common airplane didn't°yet close to military base be ruined by the shot.Even if there was really an airplane to rush to come in, the rice soldier canned also discover in advance and get enough many early-warning time, then open antiair thermodynamic power, ensure that the enemy can not play at their top of head hurl.
But the Yan flies of the unmanned machine divide time really too uncanny, there is basically no quilt the radar screen detection of the rice soldier.After waiting until to close to a rice soldier military base, suddenly throw down bomb, was tantamount to offend a rice soldier an its never thought that.In so short time in, the rice soldier is also incapable to is dint, can passive acceptance attack.
This bomb power is huge, just attackstone all of a sudden, destroy all of the whole radar bases, supplementary will also defend the rice non-commissioned officer of this radar base all of the soldiers to exterminate.After waiting until mushroom cloud disappearance, even can discover that the hilltop of original radar base place has already compared before short more than five meters ……
With the radar station of naval base suffer an attack for signal, more big power bombs shoot the ground target of the Norfolk rice country naval base, then take place to ruin the terror that the sky puts out ground to massively explode.Just for an instant, appeared a great deal of red mushroom cloud in the sky, the whole naval bases are all covered with by the huge flame.

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