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Because the ground winds and clouds changes Huan, the many people facial expression is uncertain cloudy or sunny.Liao learned a soldier to see the quantity on the notebook saying to four eyes:"Your gambling party still limits unlimited make to put up stakes?"All escorting is two classes of for two years, the total amount of amount of moneys is more than 5,000 pieces.
"Is temporarily unlimited to make, not the teacher also escorts some money to come up everyone happy."
"I can have no that carefree effort and go first toilet to say again."Liao learns a soldier on running to slip away and urgently and urgently find out a school of automatic cabinet member the machine give° the president in last time more than 4,000 of his movable budgets to take out to Chuai to run ground once again on the body.
The circumstance is very clear and distinct, three years a class of offensive is like tide, there is also the obvious advantage that two balls lead, "beard plan, you open of compensate a rate is how much?"Liao learns a soldier to tremble a leg to leisurely and carefreely ask.
"Are a class of to let for three years hemisphere, is also say, if the words of draw they lose on the whole, they are only clean to win ball's above a to just win on the whole."
"Thus can't the meeting have never hanged to read too much?"
Four eye titles hope him:"Teacher not is say that don't is wager?How to suddenly there is interest?So, I with analytical teacher the British Bo colourful company open the basis and rule that compensates a rate all of a sudden ……in fact the member of team whom we just want to encourage to take place.Winning is certainly good, lost and then consider as a precept."
Three years 1 class has already inhibitted the other party in the half time, even the rearguards are all lucky to shoot several feet of front door, their wicketkeepers early lean on for the thoroughly bored in the doorpost last yawn to connect a voice.Old Liao dark Cun:"Hair pen small wealth can whole depend you.Anyway this helps a student in normal times inside big hand the big feet have plenty of money, I do so calculate not ascend cruel hand hot, consider as to confiscate their pin money, make them little to go out crazy.Also for the sake of they good."
Again observation several minutes, secretly descend to settle idea, silently once pulled four eyes to say:"Beard plan, you not is dislike everyone escort one family tradition insurance too big?That I escort 1 class to let your insurance insurance for three years."
"Does the teacher want to put up stakes how much ?"
"So so next 4,500 pieces."Old Liao packs a totally unconcerned tycoon snob appeal as far as possible and clap one thick thick a fold banknotes.
The girl who early has sharp-eyed sees, shell Xiao the Dan Be angry ground of to say:"The teacher is true mean, is still our form master, incredibly descend a noting of enemy!"
"Too craftiness!"
"Is unpardonable!"
The girls shout in succession and hold a delicate fist of powder to want to beat mercilessly him, original purely and purely also annoy to Anne whom he has some good will the Qiao face hair white, "how can the teacher sell a class to surrender to enemy?Too nobody article!"
"Cough!Cough!Words can not say so, the affair wants to divide front and back to judge."Saw make many Nus, Liao learned a soldier to hustle along to seek to lend for he or she:"The teacher does so for helping them, stir up their ambitions, make them understand, wanted to kick ball, only study hard, particularly is a language is this homework ……so, I also descend once our class note and consider as the encouragement to them, if this money won, I will take out to pay."
He touches dress Dou and take out five hair money that wrinkly Ba expects to throw last in the table's top:" Descend so many, the teacher just worked and returned nothing important salary, this money represented my biggest intention, and I am to sincerely hope that they could win."
Is public to all do a signal that despises to him, Anne purely and purely listens to him saying elegant and stately and helplessly thinking:"Teacher's returning is really shameful."
Connect down, old Liao's idea completely tilts to one sides to three years 1 class, too anxious to they enter more ten several 20 balls and earnestly wish the empress defense line loophole of the class of oneself 100, so wager gold will more insurance.Whenever three years 1 class spreads fascinatingly good ball, old Liao even cans not contains any more to loudly drink colourful, ask for to win public support person to glare at to him.The Chen You Nian silently starts to copy wooden bench, as long as the etc. damned form master calls again the words of "three years 1 class I love you are like a big rice of rat love", executes right on the spot for the meeting he.
The whistle that wins a field rest rings out, the players sweat sprinkles a Li underground field, the dress Jin has been already soaked through, the whole individual seem just from Shui-li get out generally.Also not much talk, the everyone raises a pure water bottle a burst of fierce infuse.
"The jade tiger of Cui government, leaf they?I am about to point out their military tactics main theme."Liao learns a soldier wreath head four attend to.
"Teacher, they take a rest in the locker room."
"So, that I didn't harass them, let them analyzed their their owned mistakes in the dispassion."
Second half field beginning, probably the players physical strength shortage, each other run already didn't first half field so quick, three years a class of offensive Be weak to come down, two years 2 classes are to infuse a lead like the leg and run an one step to walk three, that is pitiful vigorously make people seeing very anxious to up to strangle to death they.Liao learns a soldier secretly satisfied:"Delivered a horizontal wealth with frightening ease.Must change a new color television of set, there is also a full-automatic washer also making change one set, exactly 4,500 piece, how does my a person spend overly?"
31 minutes while being second half, mutate on winds and clouds of dead atmosphere field, the leaf jade tiger takes ball breakthrough, at forbid area be tripped over, the umpire blew whistle to do a signal and signaled hint:"Order ball!"
Grandstand one Hua however.They combine no objection to the point ball of judge and just marvel at two classes of for two years in the article of death anti- rush toward.Old Liao sneers at a way:"The in the article of death locust will also leap up to several bottoms, with Cui government Wang Long's level, be toward Buddhisms to all shoot not to enter.Hum, don't shoot for 90 minutes, little meaning."
"Teacher, what you said is a national football team, not us class ball team."Chen You Nian interrupts a way.
What lord punishes some ball is to receive a soldier.Under ten thousand many expectation, his noodles has no facial expression to trample the sod even, very careful put good ball."The manner with a little an occupation player, a little bit more careful assurance doesn't be on business wrong."Four eyes act as a temporary announcer.
The umpire Shao rings and receives a soldier to jilt hair and helps to run 2, doing a blind personses can distinguish of very obvious leave action, Liao learns a soldier heart way:"Is too amateur!"Receive a soldier to pull out feet Nu to shoot, wicketkeeper judgment exactitude, however, the ball flee from his armpit, slowly rolled into a ball door!
The match field is last one joys Teng!
Be two classes of to is diligent after hard working for two years, rewrite a score to 2-1!
Leaf jade tiger their morales be encouraged afresh, was used as into the hero of ball drive member of team around, to he with receive a soldier to mean a congratulation.Leaf jade tiger and He Xin as cockfight to see, eyes' blinking doesn't blink as well.
Receive a soldier to is still noodles to have no facial expression, seem the matter don't close F.
Old Liao's in the mind can a bit not great:"Are 1 class for three years, you this wants to contend for some spirit for bird hair, I escorted 4,500 pieces on you!That is the president's money, you don't see monk noodles also see Buddha noodles!"
Two years the boy girl of two classes of view wars joys voice yell, shell Xiao Dan to old Liao connect stare several eyes, seem to be saying:"Play by ear!We the class will definitely win."
Liao learns a soldier to sneer at not only, say:"Leaf jade tiger they henchman's excrement carried, however I think to smile to till the last isn't them.You see them that level, obvious is not on a file time with somebody else, the game still must is talked by real strenght of, you play by ear, we three years 1 class will launch violent backstroke right away."
The shell Xiao Dan peeps out to believe earth's surface feeling and says:"Teacher Liao, you are absolutely a big rebel."
Liao learns a soldier to smell embarrassed behind not already and right away dozen circle field way:"Cough, stand on more wide position to come up to speak, after all a class of all of 2 classes is together school, I am just a to see colleague to."
The shell Xiao Dan gives a snicker to this parlance and turns head around to no longer take to manage him.

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