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Using a traditional Frankish axe pattern as a starting point, the Spyderco Genzow brings tomahawk elements into play to create a hybrid design for added versatility. With different working surfaces optimized for scraping and hammering as well as chopping, this HatchetHawk expands what a hatchet can do, and since it's made from modern materials here in the USA, it's built to last.
Cold Steel's affordable push knives offer razor-sharp edges and let you maintain perfect control thanks to grippy Kray-Ex handles. The Urban Edge delivers the self-defense efficiency you expect, but with a size and shape that encourages practicality as a useful everyday cutting tool as well. Thanks to the low price, you'll never feel guilty “pushing” this knife hard.
The Cerberus is a rugged tank of a knife from Ontario that is a lot nicer than it's hard-working mission might indicate. The D2 blade is perfectly proportioned with a slicey flat grind and a sturdy framelock to back it up. The extra-large handle is radiused for comfort and offers plenty of length for heavy jobs. As soon as you pick it up you know it is going to stand up to a ton of abuse, but the best part is the premium feel while using it and the knowledge that you didn't break the bank to acquire it.
Father's Day is right around the corner so now is the perfect time to start thinking about the best gift ideas for your dad. Thank him right with one of these phenomenal EDC pocket knives, high-quality writing instruments, or premium shaving and grooming supplies.
Who doesn't love a Swiss Army Knife? Give your dad the gift of these KnifeCenter Exclusive Bantam and Pioneer X models decked out with stunning red or black Alox aluminum handles. The Pioneer X has a well-rounded set of tools for daily use, while the Bantam distills the Swiss Army Knife down to its simplest form, featuring super-slim construction with a knife blade and combo tool (works as a can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver and wire stripper!) all on one single layer for ultimate ease of carry.
Any dad who appreciates the finer things in life will adore getting our KnifeCenter Exclusive Spyderco Classic Knives that feature stabilized Pakkawood handles. They won't shrink or crack like traditional wood handles, but you get that old-school vibe paired with modern super-steel blades for cutting performance the old-timers could only dream of. From the keychain-sized Ladybug, the pocket-friendly Dragonfly, the classic Delica, and the workhorse Endura, these knives cover every size range out there, so there is sure to be something that is perfect for your old man.
Another great synthesis of old-school meets new-school, the Lucky One offers familiar non-locking construction paired with modern carbon fiber and S35VN steel. Agile in the hand, the thin and slicey blade is perfect for opening letters or boxes, peeling an apple, or any random cut that pops up day-to-day.
Elevate your dad's shave with our broad selection of the best shaving gear from the USA, Germany, Italy, and more. Pictured above are some great places to start. The DOVO Best Value Straight Razor is a great entry into the closest shave method you can get, while the Merkur Polished African Cowhorn Safety Razor is the perfect bridge between disposable cartridges and straight razor commitment. No matter how he shaves, a soap, mug, and brush package like the Napa Shave Soaps set above will have him shaving closer and feeling fresher than ever before.
This Kershaw Bareknuckle with champagne gold aluminum handles and a black DLC-coated CPM-20CV supersteel blade is undoubtedly the “Champ” of the entire Bareknuckle series. It is made in America and offers quite the deal for the high-end blade steel that you get for the price. If your dad has never experienced anything other than simple steel pocket knives, the performance and good looks you get here will blow him away.
This knife has found its way into a bunch of our pockets here at the KnifeCenter because it is one of the handiest, most capable ultralight pocket knives on the market. It also just so happens to be the best looking Bugout that Benchmade has ever released! The Battlewash Finish looks instantly at home with your, or your dad's, most used tools, and it will get even better with time.
A good writing instrument is just the thing to elevate any mundane task into something special. Especially if your dad would never spend the money himself on such a nice pen, our selection of high-quality pens is just the thing. We have a ton of great brands and options, including the American-made TuffWriter Precision Press pictured above. All the parts are individually replaceable if they ever wear out, making it truly a lifetime companion.
A solid multi-tool is always an appreciated gift, and with the Wingman and Sidekick on sale for less than $50 the timing couldn't be better for Father's Day. Solidly built around a set of combination pliers, a genre Leatherman invented, the toolset is mostly the same between these two models with minor differences. Pick the Wingman for the urban jungle with its scissors and combo-edge blade or the more outdoors friendly Sidekick which features a wood saw and plain-edge blade instead.
This weekend is a time to remember our fallen heroes, as well as those still holding the line. With the upside down world we find ourselves in thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be easy to lose sight of those in our armed forces, past and present, where working from home was not an option. They are out there every day, putting their lives on the line to keep us safe, and some have paid the ultimate sacrifice.
As a knife retailer we feel especially close to our American service personnel, and this weekend gives us the opportunity to recognize their sacrifices, united together as a country. To them we say, we are extremely grateful that our nation is protected by you so we can go about our daily business the best we can. We may never understand the depths of what you have given up to keep us safe, but know you are appreciated and we are honored to call you our countrymen. We salute you, this day and all others!
As of today, the new Spyderco Siren is selling out faster than we can keep them in stock, and we can see why. Firstly, it features one of the coolest blade steels on the market: LC200N. Famously used by NASA for making ball bearings in demanding aerospace applications, LC200N has corrosion-resistance beyond almost everything else on the market and decent edge retention, to boot.
Beyond the gee-whiz choice of steel, the design itself is worth getting excited about. Designed by Lance Clinton, a kayak fisherman by trade, the knife is a folding take on his Waterway fixed blade. The graceful drop point blade shape is utilitarian, and the prominent guard and aggressive texture on the G10 handles should suit anyone who wants a failsafe grip. To make the knife even more rust-resistant, there are no steel liners; just a layer of bright blue G10 inside, instead. Even if you never take it fishing, the Siren is worth considering if you want a sturdy, straightforward USA-made knife that you can use for anything without hesitation.
These new Victorinox Swiss Army pruning knives are too cool not to share. The wide swayback-style handles are dressed in classic Swiss Army Knife red, with a subtle texture that makes them a little more reassuring in wet or glove-covered hands. The hawkbill blade is wide enough to pull open without using the nail nick, and the brass liners are a classy touch. Though it's built for the garden, it's such a charming blade I could see it working its way into more than a few everyday carry rotations, too.
Like all Victorinox knives, it's precision-made in Switzerland and affordable at under $40. Interestingly, the small and large versions use the same handle but have different blade shapes: the “small” has a more slender, less recurved blade while the “large” has a broad, swooping hawkbill blade.
The SOCP fixed blade dagger has been a mainstay in Benchmade's Black Class (Military/Law Enforcement) line for years. Designed by Greg Thompson for close-quarters combat, the fixed blade has been a popular duty belt option for anyone who needs an intuitive last-ditch self-defense tool. This year, Benchmade upgraded the folding SOCP in a big way: equipped with an AXIS Lock, a carbide glass breaker, D2 steel, CF-Elite handle scales, and a 4-way position deep carry pocket clip, this folding fighter has never been better.
In hand, the SOCP is one intimidating knife. The 4.5” blade gives you tons of reach, yet it folds down to a neat, compact package for discreet carry. The CF-elite scales are also quite nice, with added strength and stiffness thanks to the addition of carbon fiber to the plastic. It's available now in either plain edge, partially serrated, or a red Cerakote trainer version.

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