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18.11.2021 03:39
the result is also similar Antworten

The personnel of one brigade invites very and strict, because the Tang takes to have the soldier work the property of the business enterprise and protect board director chairman's hand mostly is all been responsible for by soldier of incumbency.Generally and not and outwardly invite, the Tang invites bodyguard this time, also limits at 2 brigades.
The work job of two brigades badly now breadth Fan.Anne protects, fire fight, guard and burst the processing of affairs, the maintenance of the Tang's mansion, patrol, the suspicious personnel's check, and direct...etc., the noodles being responsible for is more wide, Anne protects the power of department also very big.
Zhang Zhan at ordinary times protect one at Anne intransigent and haughty, have some he isn't worth looking at, or and he not the bodyguards of enemy opponent all drive he to think a way to kick out.The time that invited yesterday he went out social parties a small mold went especially, didn't come back for a day.In early morning rush through to come over to sign Wei today, have never thought and discovered leaf for autumn this son.
His in the mind is to appreciate a leaf the ground is for autumn.Because the leaf autumn gave him make effort the ground lend.
Certainly.Sometimes have never lent he is to deliver violent wind ground.The leadership says you are wrong you are getting wronger.Right is also wrong.
"I feel so ground treatment being not right."The autumn of the leaf looking at Zhang Zhan to say:"Be late at work on the first day.This is me ground mistake.I would like to for myself the ground mistake apologize.But.Because will this reason give° the person to kick out?"
"I accepted appointment success yesterday.Isn't only only and song captain----"The autumn of the leaf pointed to point to once fight old of ground with him.Immediately after say:"Return and he-Lyu Fu's captain reached orally ground work agreement.And.I am still working intention in the book the label lead a word.Although haven't signed formally rent service contract.But we have already initially reached a cooperation intention."
"This should be have according to can check?If you have to dismiss me.At least make people accept geography from.And.Carry on indemnification to the my ground loss."
Compare loafer ground words.The autumn of the leaf doesn't feel that he or she will be worse than other people.
Zhang Zhan's hasing never thought a leaf will make for autumn so some kind of words with reason to have according to the ground come out, at ordinary times the Tang's recruiting a ground of person is mostly all veteran, these people empty have whole body pretty dint, but express ability in the language top but really have no natural endowments.And oneself plays hoax on with the Tang's brand, they even if have what disaffection, also can suppress an injustice in mind.
The autumn of the leaf like this of entering and backing preface.It was a differents in it to pour to seem to be.
Only, leaf autumn earth's surface now will more of provocation Zhang Zhan BE.Zhang Zhan sneers at repeatedly and points at a leaf to say for autumn:"Boy, you call a leaf for autumn BE?I today in plain terms tell you, I of so let the reason that you fuck off not is because you were late, because I follow you closely not great.How?Listen to understand?"
Zhang Zhan points at again station ground two rows lately recruit to come over in front of him of bodyguard, harsh voice say:"I also lift for you to come to at the same time, if you is in the middle to have who make me not great, the result is also similar to him.Roll out the Tang for me."
Those lately recruit comer mostly is all veteran.Inside of the guts is still certain.But meet rejection everywhere in the society, also whet ground about.Hear Zhang Zhan take to have the words that threaten the property, although the in the mind cuts up rough, the facial expression is embarrassed, the fury that can be strong to endure full stomach, accept this person in the fact that the under the eaves has to lower the head.
The autumn of the leaf has never thought exhibition piece thus overbearing, but the Tang inside unexpectedly existence person like this.
Permit a person with him ground generosity of spirit and make the style of one forum, truely have the person of skill, who can can be subjected to his temperament?Those persons who have self-contradict conflict with him.Be all kicked out by him?
Leader like this, underneath of protection strength again strong arrive where go to?The autumn of the leaf is some to worry for the Tang.This time, a group of characters over hard Anne's guarantor just to the Tang, or say to Tang Guo still its importance.
"It is sorry.Deportation reason like this I don't accept.I want to complain to the your ground superior."The autumn of the leaf is cold face to say.See circumstance existence like this, he can not even walk.

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