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"I am all right."The cloth master son rubs a bottom and calls a way:"Alas!, painful die I.This thing is too overbearing.Too violent in action."
"Master son.You are all right?"The autumn of the leaf squats down down to start to hand cloth master son and concerns ground to ask a way."Have to harm where
"Have no.Be drive current of air to hurtled for a while.Be subjected to a surprise.Sit to pour on the ground for a bottom."The cloth master son puts to say."Too violent in action.This ghost thing was too really a violent in action."
"Is the master son a violent in action what things?"The autumn of the leaf is still interrogative that the ground asks a way and once turned round to see the ring that an eye is fostering calmness in the slot to lie.
The nothing important changes.
The cloth master son sits down on the sofa and says to the cloth cloth:"Lovely granddaughter prepares to descend supper?The grandpa is a bit hungry."The cloth cloth originally also wants to listen to is what is the row, but the grandpa rushes through a person, she also not say what.
The station starts to say:"You chat.I cook a meal."
"The autumn of the leaf, where does your boy exactly come to ground this thing?"The cloth master son stares at a leaf autumn to ask a way.
"How?"The autumn of the leaf curiously asks a way.
"It is very uncanny."Cloth master son the small voice say, the facial expression is dignified.
"What mean?I ain't that understand."The autumn of the leaf certainly knows that it is very uncanny, but not the ability admits in the cloth master sub- in front.
"I ring and recruit soul Fan to put together.Recruit the energy in the soul Fan unexpectedly drive it to absorbed clean.At last and unexpectedly take place to explode.Till this time.It just strained a turn of silver light and stopped an attack.Recruit soul Fan ground energy I know.At last and unexpectedly became a heap of blank sheet of paper.Press the truth to speak, two objects can touch with spiritual, can I but neglected a very important matter."
Cloth master son simultaneously deliberate, part explanation way.
This kind of thing too much Xuan, and before have no research data again can make reference to, he some things that can experience personally he to speak.
"Neglect what matter?"
"Recruiting the soul Fan is to work properly a thing not false, but it doesn't have attack ability.It needs Shi Fa's person to read voodoo to match with an use just effective.But your ring is different, it doesn't need person's ground to manipulate, itself has thinking and attack to gobble up ability."
The cloth master son saw leaf's one eye for autumn and presented on the face one silk to uncannily smile an idea and say:"It is live."
The autumn of the leaf follows again the cloth master's son looked into the data that the instrument ascends an automatic record to the laboratory, the energy of both side responded definite such as cloth master son talk, recruit the energy absorbability in the soul Fan of a do two clean.
Certainly.This little bit even if doesn't see a leaf also know for autumn.Because he and the old headman have already tried in the grave field.If wear the ring annoys an important precincts place to the Yin, even can clearly feel that the thing goes toward to drill in the ring.Could not see, but really exist.
Just they didn't use scientific instrument and had no cloth master son to affirm so that the profession is just.
Is also say.It depends on gobbling up Fu to work properly to a gradual development.And oneself use each time and also use when it absorbed to enough work properly.
Oneself is over there last time on use ring of Korean Human body that sort to admiration enjoyed, wasn't because the front of oneself for a while forgot to release the energy in the ring.Then wait until its ground the energy saturation is to the back of the certain degree, will take place quality to change?
Or it at strongly at the same time, still is reforming own body.Can oneself also discover more secrets while using it?
The autumn of the leaf really wants to seek personal experiment for a while and see other people to put on a ring will be what kind of feeling, can discover what things.
But this thing also just wants.He doesn't dare to tell anyone.Even if is oneself to nearby become intimate with a ground of women, he doesn't dare as well to literally open mouth to tell them.Certainly, in addition to two Yas and Long Nyu these are two have been already understood of excepted.
You want, if your woman knows that you have 1 to trail and discover the ring that she thoughts.No matter she thinks what you can know, whether a very terrible matter?
"Grandpa, rice worked well.Have a meal."Fasten blank apron on the cloth cloth neck.Carry dish soup to get to dining table up.
"Good.Have a meal."Cloth master the son stand up and act some dilatoriness.Obviously, just that falls off ground with head not light.

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