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07.10.2022 17:11
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"Yes queen.Let Mr. Ye go.He should be quite good."He Xiao Wu also wears to advise a way for chamber.
West shallow language in the door again once turned to see an eye a leaf the autumn asking a way:"Do you make sure that you go?"
"Should be all right."The leaf autumn point nods.
West shallow language in the door is also a simply temperament.The big step walks to the gratitude in front.Say:"I want to change a person."
The gratitude overbearingly started to smile.Say:"Change.Change who to come up a line.Queen adult.Wait drive my box on the ear.Three year agos you give mine.I all return to you tonight.Who is the knowing him ?Car Wang Liu Yi Si uniquely closes the door pupil.I don't believe you can seek one to compare his speed to sooner come out in Hong Kong."
West shallow language in the mind in the door is dark surprised.Unexpectedly this person's residue unexpectedly give° car Wang Liu Yi Si's pupil to please come.
As long as is play a car.BE not likely to don't know Liu Yi Si's name.This yes next match field star with the most dazzling boundary.Those correct path match the car hand on the way lift shoe for him all unqualified.Liu Yi Si kept a China country for decade most express train soon of record.Up to now still no one can outstrip.It is said that he a list picks state Dennis Wang of Europe recently.Force his result even.
"The autumn of the leaf.He is a car prince.Do you really win?Want to be not.I come."West shallow language mood in the door heavily walks to the leaf autumn in front.Say.
"It doesn't matter."The autumn of the leaf claps her shoulder.The method in black pulls||2 walk over there.
"Is you?"When Zhang Que was closing the eyes for a rest.Feel someone walk to his car window side.By accident opened eyes to see one eye.Eye pupil moment constringency.Eyes also Mi get up.
"Ha ha.It is me.Long time no see.Unexpectedly you also come to Hong Kong"leaf the autumn smile to nod."Is the opponent you?"Zhang Que asks a way.This just the problem that he concerns most .
"Yes.I am to rush through duck on-the-shelf."The autumn of the leaf nods."Do we run 1 again?"It Be getting more silent.Deeply exhale an one breath.Is like a pressures in the lung all vomit go to general."I didn't win your confidence.I admit defeat."Zhang Que says.
"I admit defeat."Zhang Que opens a car door and walks to the gratitude in front to say.
The gratitude is busy and west door shallow language He Xiao Wu beat oral communication lawsuit, the full face infatuates with ground to enjoy foolish meeting the son won behind how does oneself bully their pleasant sensations.After listenning to Zhang Que 's words, that smiling face moment that walked on air concretion.
"What do you say?Say 1 time again?"The gratitude thinks that oneself listenned to wrong.How may he admit defeat?How can the pupil of car absolute being admit defeat?
Zhang Que arrives at after Hong Kong and has already challenged 27 in a row.Hong Kong car absolute being before even connecting white the hair be also defeated by him.Oneself admires his car skill, so just comes forward to strike up a conversation on one's own initiative.Today also is to have the heart the face for coming to club to fall west shallow language in the door be in public stired up the absolute disgrace of box on the ear by him by reporting three year agos.
The affair develops also challenge smoothly and a little bit, west shallow language in the door promised the proposal of his/her own Mao car.And still promised oneself to put forward various condition for coming.
At this time when?Revenge of.
Weather, land utilization and person and.Oneself has to to the utmost have of advantage, as long as Zhang Que defeats shallow language in the door of west this woman who dislike, oneself ability one before snow disgrace.
Zhang Que suddenly comes to say that he admits defeat, this lets the gratitude basically can't accept.
"I recognize."Piece:the ground facial expression is metal gray.The voice deeply says.Expensive is the car Wang Di's pupil.Even covet one day can be green to proceed from blue and better than and blue.But meet this to make him lack the ability to do a ground of opponent.This is that he uniquely chooses.
He knows that this probably will become the ground in his life it's dirty.But again have a competition failure ground words.Will to his ground self-confident heart and achieve victory hearts will have severity ground stroke.He dare can also easily try.Is exactly him now growth ground key stage.
"Probably.Wait until oneself to have enough:letter.Will come again to seek his challenge ground."Zhang Que in mind comforter oneself.
"Why to admit defeat?With what admit defeat?Haven't compared?You how can anyone know will you lose?Zhang Que .Whether meet what problem?Does he threaten you?"The gratitude indignantly shouts.Point at a leaf to ask a way for autumn.

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