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07.10.2022 17:23
autumn in front Antworten

The clear and crisp box on the ear voice is in this wide night this that Fu, keep listenning to a ground of person's skin of head deliver cold, the legs keep cringing.
That man raises hand time and time again and compares at a time to fall in more emphatically at a time.Even, he that face that distort, all so let person's heart palpitates.
Don't aware of self of, everybody's in the mind will gush this phrase language.
Also only this phrase language, so as to describe this ex- moment looks beautiful and slender gentle, next become the guy of the Azrael of harvesting the life.
He is smiling.The ground of Zheng Ning smiles.The easily let the public living good will of beautiful and slender face distortion ground not presentable son.
The leaf of this time autumn has a hard speech-like in shape magic power, but, more people will drive he the performance of this a moment frighten.
Also know and stired up how much box on the ear, even change breath voices in leaf autumn handle knob a ground of weakly gratitude cast away ground up.
By foot kicked to kick his body, said:"Return to tell them, is who humiliated you.If you forget my name, I can repeat-----I call a leaf for autumn.Maple
, The autumn in autumn."
The body of gratitude moved to move, then lay prone on the ground violently a cough get up.
''The ground vomited an one mouthful, the blood inside still mixed up with a two tooth that is bowl off.
From start into eventually, the whole Mao car field one calmness.
No one makes a noise, no one obstructs.Even connect that car of bellowed a voice also and didn't know just to when and all stop, originally disturbingly noisy night at this a moment quiet fearfulness.
Gratitude those companions that make open Hu when the leaf autumn begins, everybody surprisedly gape.Want to make a noise arrestment, but throat the inside but hair make no noise a sound.
They are frightened, frightened next it's oneself's turn.
"Queen, your dooming the person whom you like is a devil."He Xiao Wu's ear in west shallow language in the door is mumbling to say.
"Is he a devil?I know."Shallow language in the door also drive leaf the autumn suddenly made effort to arrive for earthquake Zhe, the view puts in face of leaf autumn up, a blink not to blink ground to say.
Like forty the ache of Tang Guo Xin gets up, she has never seen a leaf an autumn a facial expression like this.BE what kind of ache make his face distort into this appearance?
Originally liking Lin Bao Er whom the jollification causes trouble is suddenly silent.Stagnantly looking at a leaf where heavily raise hand for autumn, and stir up a person for a while all of a sudden, no longer feel incitement, on the contrary feel to what things press in the chest, let she the breath all feel difficult.
-~Very obviously, this greatly didn't fasten with chest.
Chen Mo Nong signs quietly at the leaf autumn after death, she was the person who is present to wide awake most .But she has never wanted to want up to obstruct a leaf for autumn of viewpoint.
The leaf autumn peacetime calmed down too much, a kid about 20 years old, for the sake of the existence and the responsibility, be like a work with general old people in calculate and tired rush about.This just he comes to say that the too cruel Ke engraved.If so he can vent his own exasperation and the pain in the heart, Chen Mo Nong will feel very delighted.
Until leaf the autumn pipe down, Chen Mo Nong just walk to the leaf autumn in front, feel pity on ground to hold his hand in own center of palm.Just of leaf the autumn is like the big kid of an injustice.
"I am all right."The leaf once turns autumn a face and towarded her smile.
"Forbid to smile."Chen Mo Nong says.
The leaf autumn is intentionally one Leng, then no longer covers up own sorrow.The voice deep and lowly says:"Is my doing 1 ground getting more intemperate?"
"Have no."Chen Mo Nong shakes head."Is original to have you considered as for no one person.The bad person always has the power of perpetration."
"Do not you want to know reason?"The autumn of the leaf also tightly grasps Chen Mo Nong's hand, be like grasped full everywhere happiness.The woman of this cleverness always can't give people just a tiny bit pressure.But when oneself has pressure, can also always find out to bestly release a method.
"You mean to say.I just want to listen to."Chen Mo Nong lifts Mou son to looking at a leaf for autumn of eyes, say.
Leaf autumn glitter smile, but don't make a noise an explanation.
Lin Bao Er walks to the leaf autumn in front, be devoted to in his bosom, weep over to say:"The autumn of the leaf, I don't know what is the row son.Feel very suffered.The heart is very painful."

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