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Audemars Piguet RD#3 is possibly smaller! The 37mm type debuted with an ink pink face plate

Seen RD#3 is undoubtedly the top goal in Audemars Piguet Supérieur Oak's 50th anniversary connected topics. The flying tourbillon self-winding movement is loaded in the " Jumbo" see of the Royal Oak line, and is paired with " Dark Night". Blue 50” coloring dial; the 2968 ultra-thin flying tourbillon self-winding activity that took 5 decades to develop is the key to the coming of this watch, and its density is only 3. 4mm.

This proud engineering has now made a further exposure. The RD#3 with a height of only 37mm along with an inky purple face is newly unveiled, noticing the movement of the hovering tourbillon in a more constrained space. In the past, the soaring tourbillon only appeared throughout watches with a diameter involving 41mm. In order to accommodate typically the flying tourbillon in a event with a diameter of 39mm and 37mm, Audemars Piguet redesigned the entire tourbillon structure and developed a new escapement for it. system.

Royal Oak self-winding traveling tourbillon ultra-thin watch RD#3, diameter 37mm / steel material / 2968 self-winding movement / flying tourbillon, hour and minute exhibit / power 50 time / water resistance 50 metres

In addition , often the positions of some components were adjusted, and their thicknesses were further reduced about the premise of retaining the main proportions. The tourbillon consists of titanium, and for the first time the actual transmission is moved on the outer edge of the mobility to reduce the thickness. The actual combination of the two makes the tourbillon lighter and thinner, and also the power transmission inside much more stable and smooth. The modern escapement, thanks to an oscillator with a larger amplitude, improves the reliability and accuracy on the watch, as well as improved electrical power management.

Your entire movement architecture has been newly designed, and the tourbillon and motion details are more eye-catching. About the back side, the useless splint allows a wide ranging view of the movement elements, while focusing on the perfect evenness of each part; on the front side side, the geometric appearance and position of the a few spokes of the balance tire are also adjusted, allowing this timepiece " heart" rhythm More mesmerizing. The technical style makes the flying tourbillon are suspended on the surface, and more outrageous visual effects can be enjoyed throughout the mirror.

Although diameter of the second RD#3 is smaller, the surface design and style still inherits the attributes of the " Cloudy Nighttime Blue 50". Vapor deposition) coating technology to ensure brilliant and consistent color in addition to long-lasting color.

The hour markers as well as hands follow the slender oblong shape of the original " Baignoire" from 1972, and are given a fluorescent coating. The particular white Audemars Piguet brand and orbital minute markers are generally printed directly on the verify surface.

The main between the 37mm version as well as the Jumbo version is that their stainless steel case and sequence strap are from the enhanced design of the Royal Walnut series that will only be implemented in 2022. Decrease.

The movement is usually exquisitely decorated, combining chamfering and brushing. The decor of the main plate plus the splint is to replace the classic Geneva ripples with covered grinding, and the visual effect is somewhat more modern. The rhodium-plated openwork bridge accentuates the distinction between the silver-grey tones along with the rose-gold hardware.

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