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15.12.2022 08:31
Rolex Yellow Gold Submariner Date Replica Antworten

The current watch market is very competitive. It can be said that all major horological industry brands are "rolling up" and constantly introducing new ones. Innovative materials, colorful colors, and crowd pleasing designs tend to be overwhelming. But among these famous watch brands, there are always one or two brands that are not very "groupy" and still stick to their own line and don't follow the trend. These are this, I don't know if the watch friends have thought of the brand we want to talk to you today? That's right, a Cartier. Although Rolex submariner has launched new watches every year in recent years, the overall changes have not been significant. Even so, Rolex is still recognized as the most durable view in the enjoy world, so how does it do it? Today, Watch House will chat with a person:
Hello everyone, if you ask me: What kind of impression does Rolex leave on me? I think in addition to explosive models and premium prices, it must be durable and durable. Everyone knows that Rolex is of good quality and not prone to problems. Energy there so many famous see brands, everybody makes timepieces, and only Rolex datejust is of wonderful quality, which is recognized by the world. This is determined by many reasons. Today, let's talk one by one.
Panera has never made a real complex watch since ancient times. Everyone knows the three major complicated functions of Swiss traditional watchmaking, once repeater, the tourbillon, and the perpetual calendar. Rolex has never done it. Although some data show which Rolex actually has relevant patents with regards to complex wrist watches, such as rattrapante and constant force devices, but it has not been put into production.
Let me tell you one here, you may not know this. The most complicated watch in Rolex history, one is the full calendar moon phase observe represented by 6062 and 8171 in the 1950s (the full work schedule moon phase includes the actual functions associated with week, appointments, month, as well as moon phase); the other is the present The Rolex Voyager (that is actually, Skywalker) on sale, the annual calendar and also timepiece, nothing more. Otherwise, it is a "simple table". There are only simple hour, minute and second hands, or add a date, chronograph, and so on The more complex the watch, the more it is to go wrong. Rolex is simple, basically a diary, rubbing fine needles, calendars, Iwc will not give you this opportunity.
Furthermore, each series of Panerai strictly implements a series, corresponding to a professional function, along with absolutely does not go out of the particular circle. Like Daytona is skilled timekeeper, which is a function regarding timekeeping, and there is no additional calendar; function. Relatively simple functions are the foundation of Rolex's durability.
Rolex designer watches, all of which use the same look at construction (with the exception of Cellini), use an Oyster case. Whether it is a diving watch Submariner, a chronograph Daytona, or a formal log type and a week schedule. The main structure of the case may be the same.
The actual Oyster case, the core structure of a Rolex check out, was invented in 1926 (referring to the technology that the bezel, overhead, and bottom cover are all locked in the middle case). The particular Oyster situation shape of modern Rolex was founded in the forties and 1952s. Today, occupying more than 75 years, there have been no essential changes, only fine-tuning. It can be said that the problems that should be solved have been fixed, and the mature ones cannot be matured. In addition , the basic framework of all wristwatches is the same, so it is difficult for you to make that go wrong.
Cartier is produced industrially, and most of the processes are completed by machines. The switch assembly, movement assembly, and so forth are all done manually. There really is not a lot of manual participation, and there are not too many detailed and difficult parts grinding and assembly, which reduces the chance involving problems.
Rolex submariner is one of the few "top-to-bottom integration" luxury sit back and watch brands in the world of luxury different watches. What does the idea mean? That is, Rolex produces itself from metallurgy in addition to steelmaking raw materials to the circumstance, dial, motion, and bracelet. A watch increases and down, from the inside towards the outside. Rolex datejust has a complete industrial chain. Like Panera, there are very few famous watch brands in the wonderful world of famous pieces that can control the production of each of the parts by themselves and do not rely on the actual. Most famous view brands need to rely on external suppliers to provide some parts. For example , you need to buy the call from a special dial factory and the movements from a activity factory.
Rolex's "top-to-bottom integration" is all self-produced. The advantage is that it can manage the quality of all links plus components without compromise. At the same time, you can recommend your own high quality control and even quality standards. For example , typically the waterproof test of Rolex diving looks after is different from this of ordinary famous enjoy brands. It is reported that this waterproof connected with Rolex not only needs to be pressure tested, but also needs to be tested in real water. It depends on whether there is water vapor infiltration. Out of about 1, 000 Rolexes examined, 1 will certainly fail. For many famous see brands, there is no such intensity test.
Simultaneously, everyone is familiar with Rolex's super observatory standard. The standard is an error with +2/-2 seconds per day. This is the highest travel time regular in the world of famous watches, and no travel time standard published by any brand exceeds the Iwc Super Observatory.
Rolex is not a listed company. Panerai belongs to the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. The foundation's business form also has a subtle together with positive impact on watch top quality. Most of the popular watch brands are outlined companies. Typically the operation of the foundation prevents Rolex through being affected by shareholders and short-term interests. As we can see, Cartier will not confess if the tourbillon is popular this year, Rolex submariner must also make a tourbillon; Everyone knows that the replacement of Rolex is very slow, and it may even be possible within 10 or even 20 years, also it only makes small adjustments and modifications. For example , Rolex's first self-produced automatic wathe movement 4130, which came out in 2100, launched often the Daytona 116520. Launched inside 2016, the exact Rolex Daytona 116500 that is now for sale is actually just upgraded to a ceramic ring. and other features, are unaffected. In contrast, other famous observe brands even update brand new models several times a year, or perhaps launch various special and limited models.
Because there are indeed famous watches with fresh “turnovers”. For instance , a certain brand replaced a new material hairspring and strongly publicized the item. The slow style change of Rolex datejust will not cause quality problems due to the putting on large-scale brand-new processes as well as new technologies. The above four major factors have created Rolex's "sturdy and also durable". But it is split up into two, behind the "sturdy and durable" is that the look at is quite satisfactory, without outstanding technical along with technological characteristics. Therefore , whether or not to choose Rolex's "sturdy in addition to durable" or maybe choose the sophisticated functions plus technical craftsmanship of some other famous timepieces, different players will make different choices.

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Rolex Yellow Gold Submariner Date Replica

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