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06.03.2023 04:50
Making many Chuang sons living is difficult Antworten

"Green rain is this kid."That women smile, " also to, green mountain, that is that the proper city is inshore to have the good brave fellow of number, which miss don't want to marry a man like this."
"That BE."Green rain satisfied 1.
"However, speak of, these two years, our man of Chuang in the Teng house, have a become adult of, have many misses of outside Chuangs to want to marry to come over.Two children in"this women also roar with laughter, " my house, say Mei of all many.Don't even say green mountain in your house.After all, green mountain, but we the first good brave fellow in Chuang in the Teng house."
Because the white Ma Bang, iron mountain helps of fight, especially iron mountain helps of squeeze.
Making many Chuang sons living is difficult.
This contrast lived good Chuang in the Teng house in the past and added to seem to be more.Surrounding many misses of Chuang sons all want to marry to go to Chuang in the Teng house.
As for Teng green mountain, this first good brave fellow inside the Chuang, the fame is in the outside, what have ten thousand catties of huge dint, 10 years old can kill a group of wolf etc.s ……various legend, it has improper thoughts many misses of outside Chuang.After all this age, people admire most of is the man of those brave force.
Zhi in the door of courtyard ah one opened and holdsed the youth of one pole iron gun to then and greatly tread to walk to come in.
"Elder brother."Green rain connects to start to run to go out.
"The green mountain comes back."That women connect to start enthusiasm to say "hello".
"Two Niangs."The Teng green mountain also smiles, " all at noon, two Niangs have lunch here."
"Not not."This women see the Teng green mountain seeming to be a bit narrow-minded and connecting to say with smile, " my house's lunch also about like, I returned to first.Elder sister Lan ……I you say of, you can be good friends with good consideration, my niece small Yuan, that be the good miss, absolutely quite good."
The mother Yuan orchid also smiles to connect to send to this two Niangs to leave.
"Again is come to say Mei."The Teng green mountain is helpless a smile.
"Elder brother, I see today you are pretty happy, have what exultation matter?"Green rain is with Teng green mountain together, is close brother and sister, discover today's Teng green mountain to seem to be particularly happy very easily.
"This you see out."The Teng green mountain says with smile.
"Certainly, you don't see as well I is who, I am us Chuang in the Teng house the younger sister of first good brave fellow."The Teng green rain Xi says with smile.
"H'm, there is happy event.However tell you to don't understand as well., The dad came back and prepared to have lunch."Teng green mountain the mood is very good today, since two year agos, Teng green mountain also for the everyday morning, the sky is still black, have no how bright, entered a mountain bitterness to do, carried on the shoulder megalith to rush training in Tashan.
Treat a half hour after, come back to have breakfast.
The daytime Teng green mountain is all foolish in the clan, or the practice form idea boxing, or practice marksmanship.
But today, he finally broke the toll-gate of end.
"Unexpectedly this body character is more strong, break through a blood vessels difficulty to also promote.However, break through an of end on the whole vein ……since today, I the whole body blood vessels is completely unimpeded."Teng green mountain heart in thrilling, the training of these about two in the last yearses, the real strenght of the Teng green mountain, than of two year agos are stronger a raise.
Whole body everyone the noodles character all have 1 to promote, certainly, promote range, have no the strongest plan to promote much for those four years.
"I now real strenght, raised 30% than two year agos or so.Can who think, can not also go deep into to there bluish green cold pond bottom in the pond."The dark way in the Teng green mountain heart, " today on the whole the blood vessels is completely lucid, have cultivated my respected master incomparable skill of form idea boxing since tomorrow'tiger form magical power'!Wait real strenght to be significant again to promote, again explore that bluish green cold pond."
"Green mountain."Father Teng any always also sits down and prepares to have lunch, " I just road up see you two Niangs."
"Any elder brother, did you also see?"The mother Yuan orchid carries the bowl to the table up, say with smile at the same time, " she is to come to say Mei for one of her niece, green mountain in our house, there are also several genius adulthoods, can greatly want miss to marry to come over, a , can is all beauty such as the flower."
"Green mountain, how did you think?Does the plan when marry?"Teng any always pickeds up chopsticks and inquires a way at the same time.

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