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And the son is together foolish, this is really a good matter Antworten

Teng always any and the Yuan orchid mutually see one eye and have some to move.
And the son is together foolish, this is really a good matter.
", I want to go, I want to go!"The green rain excitement is sprung up.
"Dad, Niang, and you?"The Teng green mountain sees toward the parents.
The Yuan orchid sees toward the Teng always any, as a woman, listen to a man.Teng any always thinks to pay for a while and shakes head a way:"Do not go, green mountain, you should know, your grandfather is getting older, this clan long, also want to make me inherit.In fact this is still the small matter the most important of ……I want to teach the clan my wife the younger brother to create weapon!This handed down from the ancestors technical skill, clan inside your grandfather with I meeting, you grandfather's age so old, teach?So ……"
The Yuan orchid also nods.
Teng always any:"Go to county city, I and your Niang is to live a good life, can I must for clan consider!So, you take a light rain pass by.Her a female kid goes to the earth square and also opens well.I and your Niang, there are so many clansmens in this Chuang accompanying, also Be free, hereafter you sometimes, come back again to see our old two people going."
Father's idea has been already settled, Teng green mountain also can promise.
"Is all right, light rain she returns a dollar religion with me!What time you want to go, can also live for 12 months.Anyway, the county city is apart from us this, also 300 many inside.The dad gives a person to say a , I come to connect you in person!"The Teng green mountain says.

Chapter 37 who is she ?
The Teng green mountain was foolish in the home a hour, take a younger sister later on'green rain', the 2 people carpool is in the green Zong step snow right away, with Teng the green tiger is a, is leaving Chuang in the Teng house under following with eyes of numerous clansmenses, rush through into proper city.
Arrive to proper city from Chuang in the Teng house, even is half of two-hour period all don't need.
"Lyu Lyu~~~"
Teng green mountain and Teng green tiger 2 people reduce slow speed, the front is already a proper city city gate.
"Step aside quickly, step aside quickly."Once those city Weis see Teng green mountain and Teng an attiring of green tiger and fight shape horse and connect surroundings of the person drink to scold a part to go, immediately respectfullly polite respectfully let Teng green mountain they two ride into proper city.
"Elder brother!"Green rain stares your book eyes and turns head to see that city Wei, " the black A soldier is still really severe, none of very valuable Weis dares to accept money."
"Accept money?"Flank of Teng the green tiger say with smile, " green rain is a proper city castellan, also not qualified accept money of green mountain.Green mountain he now but all all, according to the military post grade, that proper city castellan just and green mountain he is even!"No matter is an authorities or a black A soldier, all return control a dollar religion.
So, is also a gradational height.
River rather county totally nine greatest city, the castellan of nine cities, position and black A soldier are all all close by, but lord city'river rather county city'of district magistrate, position then with black A soldier generally get about.
However, no matter is all all, still keep getting generally, all black A soldier!
So, castellan, the district magistrates in the mind will naturally low last 1:00.
"All all adult!"
There has been in the wine shop doorway some non-commissioned officers 35 in groups chat, dash away to come over at the sight of two war horses, immediately have non-commissioned officer to shout.
"Light rain dismounts."The Teng green mountain steps green Zong snow horse completely stop bottom, green rain just gingerly jumps down, after all this green Zong steps snow height horse lead 8 Chinese feet, too Gao some.
The Teng green mountain turns over a body to dismount and immediately have non-commissioned officer to once connect a war bridle horse.
"All all adult!Proper city castellan on the left side of have been waiting inside the wine shop."There is non-commissioned officer low voice that report to report.
The Teng green mountain turns a head to see go, just right, that proper city castellan'Yang Ke'BE taking many people to come out wine shop, dynasty this comes over here.The Teng green mountain was presumed to just march forward on the street, drive that non-commissioned officer in the wine shop now, told that proper city castellan.

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