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Chapter 24 forgets me of territory Antworten

And Deng Geng skill sword method, also Hai person.He each sword is a curve, have of the radian is a little bit big, have of the radian is a little bit small, contain of inborn true dollar also that time but strong but weak, but collapsing of Teng green mountain the boxing completely impede in the outside.
"This G, this sword method defense ability, afraid as many as mine'mix a dollar a spirit'marksmanship.Each time a curve all good a shield, and this shield is endless endless."The Teng green mountain felt the other party severe, " my body strength, and inborn the true first wife match, unexpectedly can not have last breeze!"
He is shocked, Deng Geng isn't the did it ever shocked?
"This knife Ba male, which come out of superior?Only with lend a pair of fists, unexpectedly inhibit of I can defendoof, can not attackstone.In the "Deng Geng is also worried, " inborn solid Dan superior, I didn't hear so No.1 person."
A thunder bolt!
"Is not good!"Deng Geng sees that in a twinkling break empty, good flood the whole fist of space, not from get a shock, this break air attack of the fist contain an unusual strength and all around appear twisted a jet of gas strength.Deng Geng Zhi can fly to back, at the same time one horizontal silver scale sword.
The Deng Geng Zheng individual connects to back a several, the one steps all make each time mountain stone tremor, appear a big pit, a piece of piece of the big rock collapse to fly everywhere.
"Stop!"Deng Geng connects to shout a way.
The Teng green mountain looking at Deng Geng:"I use'eagle claw in the sky'display of'tiger cannon boxing', although the speed is slightly slow, can that explosion dint, the slightest as many as'poison Long Zuan '.This G can hold up."
Deng Geng at the moment feels a pair of arms physique a burst of ache unclearly:"This knife Ba male, kill he, estimate that I must also pay not small price."
"This brothers, good artistic skill!Unexpectedly world, inborn solid Dan layer, also like this excels a boxing method."Deng Geng says.
"Your sword method isn't bad either."Teng green swollen mountain stream track.
On the summit of hill, the two greatest superiors all have some to be afraid of the other party.
Peep out one silk smiling face on Deng Geng Lian, say:"I these small generation in iron dress door violate openly brothers you, you kill them, this matter, also even if.However ……brothers you, also please will I iron tradition product in the dress door, that black small Ding, return my iron dress door!"

Chapter 24 forgets me of territory
"Is the black small Ding your thing of iron tradition in the dress door?"The Teng green mountain peeps out the color of surprised Cha.
Deng Geng originally prepares an one breath to kill a Teng green mountain and wins black small Ding, however after being brief and exchanging blows, he also discovers opponent being difficult to tie up, the nature changes strategy.His smile nods a way:"To, this is exactly my iron tradition product in the dress door.Was seized by Wei's list in those early years, arrived to just find out at present, also ask you to exchange this black small Ding at my iron dress door, the previous affair was all cancelled!"
"Write off, write off fart!"
The Teng green mountain stupidly drinks a way, the knife Ba on the face makes him seem to be more to add ferocious, "Deng Geng!You this is bold-faced to mix Zhang, know me am who?"
Once Deng Geng's facial expression sink, the in the moment stupid knife Ba male scolds him'the thick Yan is shameless', it make him have some vexation.
"The Wei list elder generation is me this of ancestors!"The Teng green mountain rises head, loudly drink a way, " world excels a boxing method, can also attain combining of inborn state few.Just, you once tasted my fist as well ……should guess to get my identity, I am spreading from is one vein at the Wei list elder generation.The list ancestors of Wei lived as recluse silver Cape mountain in those early years and just disappeared to have no Zong afterwards, I'eagle door in the sky'this lord, all occasionally came to this silver Cape mountain, at last did obeisance a fiesta for a while ancestors."
Deng Geng is stunned speechless.
The boxing method of Wei's list?More than 600 years, and paper is also invent for 23 a hundred years, was all bamboo strips, and sheepskin...etc. to jot down in the past, had been very thin little to jotting down of Wei's list, only in brief described this Wei list boxing method violent in action, relentless.And, Wei's list didn't also spread a person!
Can the boxing method of Teng green mountain, Deng Geng is same incognizant.
Say on the book that Wei's list dided not spread a person and then didn't spread a person?Secretly accept a pupil, outsider not know, also not strange!

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