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23.12.2019 09:01
was still not afraid of sacrifice Antworten

During this summer vacation, I read a book entitled "Zi Zhi Tong Jian" written by Sima Guang, a famous politician and historian in the Northern Song Dynasty. There is a little story called "Jing Jing assassinates Qin King". This small story mainly tells that Qin Shihuang wanted to unify the Central Plains and constantly launched attacks on other countries. As a result, Yan Guo lost several cities. Seeing that Qin Kingdom would annex the Six Kingdoms, Crown Prince Yan would also take away the land of Yan Kingdom Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and hated King Qin very much. He decided to send Jing Jing to assassinate King Qin. Before taking off Jing Jing brought three things: a sharp and highly toxic dagger, a map of the Yankun Governor's Kang area, and Qin's rebel Fan Yuqi's head. After arriving in Qin Kingdom, Qin Shihuang heard that the envoy of Yan Kingdom brought what he wanted and was very happy. He asked Jing Ye to open the map to see. At the moment when the local map unfolded, Jing Ye grabbed a dagger and stabbed King Qin, but he was not stabbed, but was killed by King Qin. This action by Jing Ye failed, and Prince Yan's desire to use Jing Ye alone to kill Qin Kingdom failed. Hero Jing Jingming knew that he might not come when he was gone Cigarettes For Sale, but when the country was in danger, he was still not afraid of sacrifice and assassinated King Qin. His behavior is commendable. As Tao Yuanming said: "He knows whether he will return or not, and he has the name of the future generation. Although he is gone, he has a lot of emotions Wholesale Cigarettes. Seeing this, I really admire Jing Bing's courage, facing a tyrant like King Qin, I was n��t scared at all. Think about myself? I did n��t even dare to sleep alone at night. I was so ashamed to be with my grandma! Jing Ye was n��t afraid of death. Am I afraid of darkness? This year ��s birthday, I'm almost ten years old, but I can't be timid anymore. I secretly determined that I must be brave and be a real man before that.
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