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Today, I read a book called Twenty-Four Filial Piety Stories. This number tells 24 stories about filial piety. Among them, the story of "Fan Pillar Warmth" touched me deeply and inspired me a lot. "Fan Pillow Wen Yan" mainly talked about: In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a man named Huang Xiang, who died of his mother when he was nine years old. He knew how to honor his father from an early age. In the summer, I often fanned the pillows for my father. In the winter, I often used my body to warm my father's quilt. I read this story and thought about myself. I often went into temper with my parents because of some small things. Mom and Dad went home for my hard work every day. Not only did they not get my comfort, they were quarrels. Quarreling because I didn't buy what I like, quarreling because of a caring scold by my parents, quarreling because my parents prepared me what I needed ... When I was young, my parents held my hand and went shopping together. How happy we were then. I remember at that time, I also threatened to say to mom and dad: "Mom and dad, you took care of me when I was a kid, and when I grow up, let me take care of you!" Now, I am considered half an adult, but I was The words have long been thrown out of the clouds, and many people are the same now, especially those so-called young people who are already grateful. Many people have grown up and grown up and have begun to abandon their parents. I hate them for being old, for being dirty, for wearing ugly clothes, and walking next to me feels that I am lowering my so-called noble identity. We must learn to be grateful and learn to honor our parents. Without them, how could we come to this colorful world? Many people who have achieved so much hate their parents. You know, the reason why they have such great achievements is due to their parents. Without their hard work and cultivation, how can they achieve today's achievements? There are also many students, including me, always arguing with their parents about small matters. Parents reminded themselves not to go to mobile phones and computers all the time. They thought their parents would use their mobile phones instead of letting me play. Parents were worried about their safety and would not let themselves go out to play with their classmates Cigarettes Online. Without giving yourself freedom, parents are easy to satisfy. A word of consolation can satisfy them, and a caring action can satisfy them ... We are students, and we will not buy them clothes and buy them a big house to live like adults, because we do n��t have such a thing yet. ability. So what should we do? We can help parents do housework, study well, and reward them with good grades. When my parents come home from work, I will give them a glass of water; when they are tired, give them a massage; when they eat, they will have a meal Marlboro Red... These little things will please them. After they are satisfied Parliament Cigarettes, I will not quarrel with my parents again, no Will lose temper with them. It's more about parents, helping parents do housework, study hard, and return them with good grades. I hope everyone is the same, think more about parents, think more about them, and share more for them.
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