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26.12.2019 10:00
e's so brave around us. After watching it Antworten

Seven Days" is my favorite book. He was created by Malaysian writer Xu Youbin Newport 100S. The book is concise and concise, the plot is moving, and the characters come to life. Whenever I pick up the book, I will enter the cave in the book, with the kind Bai He, the brave Jianyun, the innocent Kobayashi, the greedy Junshun and the good and bad uncle Ou, and feel the cave with them In the past seven days, they felt the strength of the team and the taste of growth. There are many unforgettable things on my way to growth. What impressed me most are these keywords. Keywords: The kind "Seven Days" in the book, a girl is perfect, she is Su Baihe. Bai He had no mother since she was a child. She was raised by her father. She was also loved by teachers in school and was a good student. She is versatile, singing like a white spirit and dancing like a peacock dancing. She has a high moral character and a beautiful heart. In these seven days, Xiaoling wanted to eat Baihe's fried rice, and Baihe gave her her fried rice without hesitation Newport Cigarettes Coupons. But I was hungry. I thought if I was Bai He, I would give it to Xiaoling because she was so eager to eat what she prepared. In the cave, Xiao Ling gave Baihe cake, but Baihe gave the cake to her partners. She didn't eat anything, she must be very hungry. When Junshun had a high fever, Bai He stayed to take care of him regardless of the danger. What a wonderful friendship, these things touched me, what a precious kindness. In the seven days, Xiao Ling, who was full of flirtatiousness, grew up instantly. When Jianyun sent her to the security office, she said: I am safe Brother Jianyun, go and find sister Bai He. This girl who used to dislike even famous cakes transformed into a girl who cared about others in seven days Online Cigarettes. She was willing to stay alone in a strange place, face strange things, and did n��t want Bai He to suffer. Obviously, she grew up. Key words: Brave When five people fell into the cave, they did n��t eat anything, everyone was hungry, but there was nothing in the cave. Jianyun was brave enough to swim from the pool to the forest and find several durians. These durians are very difficult to find. They are very rare fruits in the forest. In order to let partners and themselves eat delicious durians, Jianyun has never given up. We all know that durian is full of thorns and it is inconvenient to take it. Jianyun put durian in his schoolbag. Thick durian pierced his schoolbag and stabbed him on the back, but he felt the pain was so refreshing, because he thought that his partner could eat delicious durian right away, so he swam to his partner faster. He's so brave around us. After watching it for seven days, I remembered my life. I remembered that the summer camp was learning to wash clothes by myself. I was so clumsy to learn to wash clothes. Although I was reluctant at first, but I remembered Xiao Ling, and I also need to grow. I insist Finally, the clothes I was wearing were wet, but I was also very happy to learn to wash clothes, which is also growing up; I thought of how scared I was when I was alone in the room when the thunder and lightning flashed in the summer, but I thought of the brave white in seven days Dutch, I told myself to be strong. "Seven Days" is an adventure, a growth, and a baton of friendship. Let's open it and taste it.
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