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26.12.2019 10:00
ts. I think these two views Antworten

zDuring the summer vacation, I read a book called "Mark Twain and the Small Boat of Venice". What moved me deeply was the article "The Magic of Money". Twain's short novel "Millions of Pounds Cigarettes For Sale." The text mainly tells the story of "I" being treated coldly when I went to the tailor's shop to buy clothes. Then I took out a million pound note and received much attention. The author vividly portrays the ugly state of small citizens taking money for people and money first. Mark Twain wrote in the sixth paragraph: "When he glanced at the bill, the smile immediately congealed and became dull, as you can see The waves of lava solidified on the small flat grounds next to Mount Vesuvius are like lava. "You see, what a wonderful metaphor, I can't help clapping for Mark Twain, it's wonderful. Todd, he is a mean and snobbish villain, which makes me feel irritated, but from arrogant to embarrassing to embarrassing, it makes me feel ridiculous. "Ah, really? Huh, of course I also expected that you didn't bring change. I think a broad man like you will only bring a big ticket." This is Todd when facing "I" timidly asking for accommodation A sentence. This sentence more centrally reflects Todd's initial attitude towards "I". It was harsh and full of discrimination and scorn. "I expected that you didn't bring change ... just a big ticket." It was ironic, meaning you didn't have any money at all, ridiculous and ironic. Through this sentence, an arrogant and rude image of a contempt poor man before the poor suddenly jumped to the owner of the tailor shop. When "I" negotiated with Todd, the boss never showed up. When he heard the word "banknote", he "hurried over" and asked with great interest "what went wrong." The boss's snobbery and seeing the money are more open than Todd's. When he saw it was a million pounds, he "whispered a brisk whistle." This "light whistle" was not only to break the deadlock and ease the atmosphere, but also to reveal his joy when he saw the millionaire. The seductive magic of money from ancient times to today has not been interpreted how many tragedies and greedy comedies. Throughout the ages, people have always had two opposing views on money. Some people regard money as "brothers." The hermit of the Jin Dynasty said, "Where the money is, danger is safe, and death is alive. Where the money is, expensive is cheap, and life is killing." But some people regard money as dung Online Cigarettes, saying " Mortal bad reputation, money accounted for eight points. I think these two views are going to extremes, what should I do? Or the familiar eight words that the masses of the world say: "Gentleman loves money, and he has a good way . This means that a gentleman also needs money, but it must be obtained in a proper way, in accordance with morality and law, and greed can only make him go nowhere Parliament Cigarettes.
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