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and they felt the same way. As a result, Antworten

He returned home from school on Friday afternoon. He rode a motorcycle slowly to the right of the road and just reached a crossroad. Suddenly, a motorcycle flew from the left and crashed into the rear wheel of my car. I stepped forward and almost fell to the ground. Turning around, he was a young man with yellow hair around 20 years old. Obviously he did not drive fast according to the traffic rules, but instead hit a rake, arguing, and his eyes widened: "Old man, you are blind, you wo n��t ride without riding, why do n��t you ride quickly. After I listen, I'm furious! Ready to comment Win or lose, but after thinking about it, I immediately dismissed the idea of ??fighting with him. Forget it, concession is also a blessing, willing to convince "losing", so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. Besides, his failure to brake may be a mechanical failure, maybe It is the "braking failure" in ideology. I adopt a calm, patient, forgiving, and concessionary attitude, and actively gave way. This thing passed smoothly. In life Parliament Cigarettes, some collisions and frictions between people will inevitably occur. Dealing with these contradictions requires reason, tolerance, learning to give up, and respect and understanding. Many tragedies and horrors in life are caused by the irreconcilability between people. However, many people have conflicts In fact, most of them are "little things" in life, sometimes even trivial things. But as long as these contradictions are not a matter of principle Wholesale Cigarettes, everyone should Moved back and treated others with leniency Marlboro Red. During the Ming Dynasty, Dong Duxing, a Jiyang native in Shandong, worked as an official in Beijing. His family built a house to argue with his neighbors for a little foundation. The family hoped that he could use his power to come forward to resolve the matter. Dong Duxing After learning about it, he immediately repaired a book and said, "Thousands of miles of books are only for walls, which can't help but make me laugh and break my intestine. After reading, the family felt that Dong Duxing was justified, so they offered to give up a few feet when they built the house. The neighbors also saw the Dong family so, and they felt the same way. As a result, the two gave up a total area of ??eight feet wide and the house was built. After it was completed, there was an alley. In the life, the benevolent alley was called "Dong Yixing." In fact, it was necessary to learn the spirit of concession with Dong Duxing. In fact, it was also a process of constantly introspecting and improving yourself. As the saying goes: "In the belly of the prime minister Good support. "It is true that the people who can achieve great undertakings in ancient and modern China can become more respectful in dealing with others and tolerate people's faults, so that they can be respected. In life, a little more concession, life will have more space and love, soul There will be more
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