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a checkpoint in my heart. Antworten

The story of Yang Zhen's refusal to gold may be no stranger to him. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Yang Zhen was 52 years old and became a prince of Jingzhou. When he was traveling to Jingzhou, he passed by Changyi County. Wang Mi, the mayor of Changyi County, was Yang Zhen's old man. His subordinates, in order to thank Yang Zhen for his grace and to attach Yang Zhen, a tree, Wang Mi went to visit Yang Zhen with a hundred gold at night. When Wang Mi took out gold to give to Yang Zhen, Yang Zhen said: "You and I are old friends, but I know you, why don't you know me? Don't you be afraid that someone knows that you are bribing like this? Wang Mi said, "It's late at night, and no one will know. "Yang Zhen pointed to the heavens and the ground, and Wang Mi and himself said," Heaven knows, earth knows, I know, you know, how can anyone know? " "In the face of gold, why did Yang Zhen not move? Because Yang Zhen has a level in his heart. There is another story worth chewing on. A Zen master saw a scorpion falling into the water and turned around, and immediately decided to help him. I caught it with my fingers and wanted to fish it to the shore. But just before my finger reached the scorpion, the scorpion suddenly gave him a stab. But the Zen master still wanted to save it and reached out again to try to remove the scorpion from the water. Stunned him. Then someone said to him, "It's so stingy for you, what else do you save it for?" "The Zen master said," The savage is the nature of a scorpion, and love is my nature. How can I give up the nature I love because the scorpion has a terrifying nature? "Why did n��t the Zen master give up redemption because the scorpion struck him? Because there is a checkpoint in the mind of the Zen master. There is no coincidence. In the Yuan Dynasty, a man named Xu Heng fled to Heyang with a group to avoid the scourge of war. Everyone was thirsty. It happened that there was a pear tree on the roadside. After everyone saw it Newport Cigarettes Coupons, they scrambled to pick it up, grab the pears to quench their thirst, and only Xu Hengduan was sitting under the tree. They all wondered and asked him why. Xu Heng said: "This pear is not mine, so I will not move. After people heard it, they all laughed and said, "The world is so chaotic. This tree has long lost its owner. Hurry up and pick one to quench your thirst. Xu Heng said, "Ishu has no master. Does my heart have no master?" "What is the" Master "mentioned by Xu Heng here? In fact, there is a checkpoint in my heart. Yang Zhen, Zen Master, and Xu Heng have one thing in common: do n��t bully, there is a checkpoint in my heart. , You wo n��t bully people, you wo n��t bully the world, you wo n��t go kitsch, you do n��t go to attach; You can keep your promise to your heart, be faithful to yourself, be sincere to others, and be able to stand on your own between heaven and earth Online Cigarettes.

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