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23.05.2020 08:47
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Moonlight pours out Cigarettes For Sale, love walks with you, look at the moon, and your heart is warm. ���� A few days before the inscription, went out for a walk with my mother. It was already evening. The sky is much lighter than at noon, a simple blue tile look. The moon has long been embedded in the sky, but the sun has never set down, so a simultaneous appearance of the sun and moon appeared. My pace was too hasty that day, my mother asked me wondering why the pace was so urgent. I told my mother that there was no reason at all, just because I was used to the tempo of haste Marlboro Red. The mother frowned, looking at the sky in the distance, and said softly: "That's not good, it's too rushed, and only ignores the beautiful scenery around." Mother said, I couldn't help but slow down. At first glance, what my mother said did not seem to have any special meaning Newport 100S. However, when you think about it carefully, you feel that it contains all the philosophy of life. Yeah, why bother? I took a closer look at the surrounding scenery: the setting sun radiated a soft glow, and set a golden rim on the clouds next to it. The warm-colored clouds gently hug the sun into his arms, making it seem to melt in this warm light. There was a row of green bamboos in front of the building next to it, leaning weakly on the guardrail, and the green leaves trembling in the air, a fragrance came. The soft glow of the setting sun blended with the fresh fragrance of bamboo leaves to outline the ordinary and simple mother's face, so that I understood the true meaning of life in an instant-harmony I took my mother's hand and walked slowly , Watching that month slowly change from transparent to golden warm colors against a background of deepening. I think I like this pure and simple warm color. Probably because of the rain in the daytime, the river I walked every day was a little more flexible and beautiful. The soft soil was exuded by the rain and was pleasantly fragrant. Reeds swaying in the wind and hazy and fluttering lightly on the bank of the river, the seemingly real and ethereal mistiness reminded me of the beautiful women. There is no indifferent woman in the historical scroll: she, the manner is dignified and elegant; she is charming and charming in a smile; she is tender and watery in her eyes. "Mom, who do you like the most among ancient women?" "Zhaojun." Yes, it is her, this delicate woman who bears the destiny of the country with her slender shoulders. Is a beauty. Mothers, just like mothers, do not cover us under the aura of love. Even if speechless and silent, love has already melted in my heart, warm in my heart. Under the moonlight, our shadow was stretched long and tightly attached
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