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To bead, to put it bluntly, is to add one or two flavored capsules to the filter, and then use the hands or teeth to "snap" and explode into the new flavor. Exploding beads, especially out-mixing exploding beads, pump out the novelty taste, youthful feeling, and fashionable packaging. Marlboro's burst bead cigarettes are particularly famous Parliament Cigarettes. Let me take you to see how many types of Marlboro are, and how much is Marlboro. There are several types of Marlboro Bursting 1: Marlboro Black Ice Bursting There are several Marlboro Bursting Balls. How much is the Marlboro Bursting Ball? This is the best selling Marlboro Bursting Ball series. This product is called the world's coolest blasting ball.! Russia Marlboro Black Ice Burst has become the mainstream black ice, the strong version of the filter, there is a strong mint flavor when you open the package. Many people are its loyal fans. This Russian version of Marlboro is about 200 pieces Carton Of Cigarettes. The most affordable Marlboro black ice, cost-effective. 2: There are several types of Marlboro double-explosion beads on Marlboro. How much double-explosion is on Marlboro is that there are two blasting beads in it Newport 100S. Some people can't stand one blasting ball, let alone two natural mint ice beads. It's a feeling to crush one, crush the next, and crush both together, or none at all. Four flavors. But this Marlboro double explosion also has peach flavor. So it's not bad. The price of this cigarette varies in China, some places are about 20 yuan, and some places are more than 50 fried. This is a bit expensive compared to Marlboro Black Ice Burst. 3: Day free black ice burst.
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